Monday, 4 June 2012

The Gentlewoman.

The Gentlewoman is a fabulous women's magazine - it says so itself, right there on the cover. Released twice a year, the magazine is aimed at the modern, optimistic woman, and is as much about the people in its pages as it is about contemporary fashion.

The editorials in The Gentlewoman are printed on a mix of glossy and matt paper, at a thickness that makes each page turn entice the next, and images and words combine with a lot of negative space on the pages. If anything its pages can actually be quite stark. But it's this crispness that really simplifies the editorials and somewhat adds personality to the magazine.

The Gentlewoman interviews women of note (rather than 'celebrities'), photographs fashion as though it's straight out of an everyday woman's wardrobe, and offers those extra little quirky details to personify the magazine. The woman who reads, or even flicks through, The Gentlewoman, is the type of woman who shops for a difference, with style, a conscience, and a particular sense of humour.

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