Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Baby, it's cold outside (almost...not really, but soon!)

Sup blog, it's been a while. But for good reason! Since uni finished (oh so long ago) I've been working hard at building my skill level, knitting my heart out, and simply just working. And I'm super proud to say that it's finally paid off - introducing my mini collection of winter scarves for Australian designer Fleur Wood. At the moment only half the collection has hit stores, but these scarves are definitely favourites. They come in two colours, varying tones of blue and purple, with grey marle centres and no two scarves are the same. I really love that because each scarf has been handmade by yours truly, they all have little quirks and colour combinations that are surprising and fun.  They're super wide, super long, and super soft. Next on my list of knitting projects are some thinner, brighter scarves for Fleur, so stay tuned! 

Oh, I also knitted up some cutesy coat hangers for the exciting new kids collection at Fleur! 

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